Review of the Go City Rome Explorer Pass for 2023: Is It Pricey?

Review of the Go City Rome Explorer Pass for 2023: Is It Pricey?

Are you traveling to Rome and feeling overawed by all the sites and attractions there are to see? You might only require a Go City Rome Explorer Pass to cross everything off your to-do list for Rome.
But what is the Go City Rome Explorer Pass precisely, and what does it cover?
We will cover all you need to know in this in-depth review, including:

  • Prices for the Go City Rome Explorer Pass
  • The places accessible with the pass
  • The benefits and drawbacks of the pass
  • How to use and get a pass on your own

What Is The Rome Explorer Pass From Go City?

You may visit many of the major attractions, tours, and activities in Rome with the help of the Go City Rome Explorer Pass. The Go City Pass you buy will determine how many attractions you can visit.

You have a range of options with the Go City Rome Explorer Pass, from 2 to 7 attractions. However, the more sites you intend to see, the more expensive each pass becomes.

The Go City Rome Explorer Pass can be used in the following three easy steps:

  1. Depending on the number of attractions, buy an Explorer Pass.
  2. Utilize the Go City app on your phone to download the pass.
  3. You can print your passes at home or using the (iOS / Android) app.
  4. To get entrance, present your pass at each attraction (certain activities require reservations).

Your Go City Pass will become active after it has been scanned at the first attraction you visit. After then, you will have 60 days to see the other attractions on your pass.

Prices For Go City Rome Explorer Passes

Review of the Go City Rome Explorer Pass for 2023: Is It Pricey?

A straightforward idea forms the basis of the Go City Rome Explorer Pass. The pass gets more expensive the more attractions you want to visit.

Let’s examine the cost of adult and child passes:

Review of the Go City Rome Explorer Pass for 2023: Is It Pricey?
  • Adult Explorer Pass: €85; Child Explorer Pass: €70.
  • 3-option Explorer Pass: €130 for adults and €105 for children
  • 4-option Explorer Pass: €165 for adults and €140 for children
  • Explorer Pass with 5 options: Adults: € 200; children: € 175
  • 6-option Explorer Pass: €235 for adults and €210 for children
  • Explorer Pass with 7 options: Adult € 270; Child € 240

Why Buy A Go City Pass For Rome?

Review of the Go City Rome Explorer Pass for 2023: Is It Pricey?

For individuals who wish to check off a number of well-known Rome sights off their bucket list, the Go City Rome Explorer Pass is a fantastic choice. The mandatory reservations, however, are still another advantage of the Go City Rome Pass.

While making a reservation at some attractions might seem laborious, it’s often the only way to guarantee a space at these popular locations.

It is imperative to make a reservation, especially if you intend to go during the busy summer months.

To make the most of your time spent seeing the Eternal City, use a Go City Rome Explorer Pass.

We also like that all of our tickets were available in one place on the Go City app.

What Comes With The Go City Rome Explorer Pass?

Review of the Go City Rome Explorer Pass for 2023: Is It Pricey?

You have a plethora of options with the Go City Rome Explorer Pass’s availability of more than 25 attractions. There is something for everyone, including underground catacomb excursions, bike rentals, cuisine tastings, and virtual reality activities.

The following list includes some of the top tourist destinations:

Fast track access to the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill is included.

  • Get ahead of the line at three must-see Rome sites
  • To get entrance (reservation necessary), present your pass and proof of reservation.
  • Utilize an audio tour to explore these stunning ruins at your own speed.
  • The choice to view a 20-minute multimedia movie prior to the tour
  • A ticket costing €38

Self-Guided Tour of the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel

  • Priority entry to St. Peter’s Basilica, the Sistine Chapel, and the Vatican Museums
  • Take in the stunning sights of the Sistine Chapel, the Gallery of Maps, the Gallery of Tapestries, and much more.
  • Possibility to take a self-guided tour and explore the museums at your own leisure
  • €35 for each ticket

Rome’s Best At Night Walking Tour

  • At dusk, meet your guide at the base of the Spanish Steps.
  • Attractions include the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, and Piazza Campo de’ Fiori.
  • Possibility of taking stunning nighttime shots of Rome
  • €35 for each ticket

Tour of the Catacombs in Rome with Transfer

  • Transfer to one of two Roman Catacombs in an environmentally friendly methane bus.
  • A 45-minute guided tour and a 20-minute film played before departure
  • Investigate underground tunnels that have served as tombs for millennia.
  • You’ll discover the background of the Christian and Jewish communities.
  • A ticket costs €48.

The Borghese Gallery and the Self-Guided Tour

  • Tickets to the beautiful Borghese family summer estate, Rome’s busiest art gallery
  • Use of historical paintings, sculptures, mosaics, and tapestries collection
  • Free city guide app with audio commentary for independent sightseeing
  • €35 for each ticket

Dinner at the Pizza Terrace in the Prati District

  • A genuine Neapolitan dinner offers the option of either pizza or pasta.
  • A three-course supper with wine.
  • followed by a traditional Italian coffee and a Neapolitan dessert.
  • A ticket costs €36.

Other Well-Known Attractions

  • Guided Tour of St. Peter’s Basilica (worth €27)
  • Pantheon Guided Tour, worth €25.
  • The Three Tenors with Ballet at St. Paul’s Church (worth €35)
  • Trevi Fountain’s delicious pasta menu ($32 value)
  • The Circus Maximus VR Game (worth €39.90)
  • Audio Guide to Castel Sant’Angelo (worth €28)
  • Tour of Empresses, Emperors, and Courtesans (worth €35)
  • Rome Big Bus Tour, worth €30.

The Go City Rome Explorer Pass: Goods and Bads

The Go City Rome Explorer Pass impressed us in the following ways, which should persuade you to buy one:

  • You can find all of your Rome attraction tickets in one location.
  • Using the Go City app couldn’t be simpler.
  • A wide range of attractions are included in the pass.
  • Go City responds quickly.

What we disliked about the Go City Rome Explorer Pass was as follows:

  • Making reservations for every attraction can take a lot of time.
  • If you require more assistance, there may be lengthy lines at the Tourstation.
  • With the Go City Pass, only mostly self-guided tours are available.
  • Compared to other attendees, pass holders might not have the finest seats or views.

Where Can I Purchase A Rome Explorer Pass?

Your Go City Rome Explorer Pass can be ordered online from the Go City website in the simplest way possible. Brain Tree has a 90-day cancellation policy and secures check-out.

You will get a confirmation email after making your purchase with more information on how to download and activate your passes.

Is the Rome Explorer Pass from Go City Worth It?

For individuals who prefer self-guided excursions of Rome, the Go City Rome Explorer Pass is ideal. You can explore at your own leisure at many of the attractions included in this package that offer self-guided tour options.

The skip-the-line feature, which is offered on the majority of ticket types, is an additional perk. You won’t have to wait in line for each attraction thanks to this.

You may store your luggage for free at 4 different sites in Rome with your Go City Pass. If you have to check out of your hotel but still want to explore the sites, this is ideal.

The only little issue we ran with was making last-minute reservations for several sites. However, we went to Rome in May 2022, when the city was overrun with vacationers who had been itching to go since the plague.

We still got the bookings we wanted, but because the email reservation responses took so long, we had to wait in two different lines at the Tourstations. We think this was an isolated incident after communicating with Go City because of the rising demand for travel.

To minimize any delays, our recommendation is to reserve your attractions as soon as you can. We should add mention that despite the long lines and a very busy summer, the Tourstation employees handled the masses with professionalism and efficiency.

FAQs for the Go City Rome Explorer Pass

Review of the Go City Rome Explorer Pass for 2023: Is It Pricey?

Here are some of the Go City Rome Explorer Pass’s most frequently asked questions.

Is a reservation required with Go City Rome?

Yes, because to their popularity, certain attractions require reservations. If a reservation is necessary, you can find out about it on the reservations website or in the listing of attractions.

Is Your Go City Rome Explorer Pass Transferable?

No, you cannot resell or use more than one Go City pass at a time.

Can I return to an attraction using Go City Rome more than once?

No, your Go City Rome pass only allows you to visit each attraction once.

We really hope that this Go City Rome Explorer Pass information will be useful to you as you plan your trip to the Eternal City!

In the comments section below, please let us know if you have any questions about the Go City Pass or your trip to Rome.

Travel safely,


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